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Hi! I'm Cass

I'm a 28 year old in Nova Scotia (born and raised!). I work from home as a bookkeeper with a company that I've been with since 2018 which allows me to maintain a wonderful work-life balance. The 'life' portion has consisted mostly of training and taking care of my three dogs, Reese, Riley and Rey. Each dog is so unique and providing their own challenges and rewards - you can read more about these in their personal sections :) 

In 2020 Reese passed away, and in 2021 I lost Riley in a breakup. Now it's 2024 and I have met the love of my life and fiance, Devan. We are living our life to the fullest, in our new home with Rey and our sweet baby boy Ryder. Rey's reactivity journey has it's ups and downs but we are all doing our best, making wonderful connections and learning so much from each other. I'm so proud of Rey and myself for conquering  these past few years together. She got me through the hardest year of my life and I'm forever thankful for her. 

My hobbies include (outside of all things dog-related) photography, painting and writing, I've started a podcast and have published a childrens book, Rescuing Reese! The first season of SDM was a HUGE success and Season Two was cut short with some major life updates. Pregant for 8 months of 2023, meeting our baby boy in August, and buying our home in October! 

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