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Written by Cassidy Mae

Illustrated by Val Lawton 


Reese isn’t like other dogs. He doesn’t have a family that loves him, he never gets to run and play, and he’s terrified of people.


But one day, someone new visits the animal shelter. Deedee doesn’t mind that Reese is scared, and she spends time with him anyway. Maybe, if he’s lucky, Reese’s life is about to change.


Rescuing Reese is the true story of a pit bull finding his forever home.

Rescuing Reese

  • Print Length: 36 pages

    Language: English

    Publisher: Friesenpress

    Publication Date: Dec 12, 2022

    ISBN-10: 1039146414

    Item weight: 104g

    Dimensions: 21.59 x 0.25 x 21.59 cm


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Rescuing Reese Book Trailer

I first wrote Rescuing Reese back in February, 2020. I knew that Reese's story was special and I wanted to share how we met and the adventures that we were on together. I wrote many stories but I had never done anything with them. In February 2022 I reached out to FriesenPress Publishing and we began bringing my story to life! 
This is hopefully just the beginning of many stories to come about Reese, Riley & Rey. To share our adventures, to educate about reactivity and bully breeds, and the joy that each dog has brought to my life and others. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Lorraine, CANADA

It was clearing written from the heart! Loved every word I read!
It's such a heart warming story and leaves you with all the best feels! It shows that a little patience and a lot of love can turn what appears to be a hopeless situation into one of happiness and great joy! Well written and the illustrations are wonderful!"

Courtney, CANADA

Heartwarming message of animal rescue and hope.
I love this book and its message. The writing is beautiful and interactive. Reese was a very good boy, and this book illustrates just that fact. <3 "

Unknown, CANADA

“Incredible story.
A heartwarming story that everyone should get a chance to read. Enjoyable for children and adults! "


Such a charming book!
Rescuing Reese is a heartwarming story any dog lover & their children will appreciate!"

Vincent, CANADA

“Rescuing Reese.
This is a great read for all ages. A really great book. "

Bconrad, CANADA

I'd recommend this book to all the animal lovers out there. So special."

Carole, CANADA

Excellent livre!
Beaux textes, belles illustrations! Félicitations Cassidy!"

Unknown, CANADA

Every child needs this book. Not giving it away. You will not be disappointed. Everyone deserves to be loves and it's shown in this book. "
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